Master Popups allows you to connect with many email marketing services very easily. Next we will detail the connection with your Mautic account.


1. Enable Mautic API.

Go to Mautic Configuration > API Settings and set “API enabled” to “Yes” and “Enable HTTP basic auth” to “Yes”.


2. Go to General Settings Page.

3. Click on the “Integrate” button.

4. Connect the Service with your data.

Select the authorization type (Basic Auth or OAuth 2) and enter the required information and click on the “Connect Service” button.

Basic Auth:

  • Mautic Username or email
  • Mautic Password
  • Your Mautic URL

OAuth 2:

  • Client ID (Public Key)
  • Client Secret (Secret Key)
  • Your Mautic URL

Generate OAuth2 Credentials. Go to Mautic Configuration > API Credentials > “+ New” > and add required data.

Authorization Protocol: OAuth 2

Name: MasterPopups

Redirect URI:

Don’t forget to change “” with the real domain of your wordpress site.


5. Create a new Audience List.

  1. Click on “New List”.
  2. Enter the List name.
  3. In this service the new subscribers will be saved.
  4. Click on the “Get Lists” button to get all the lists and select one of them.
  5. Finally save your new list.

6. Synchronize your Popup with your Audience List.

If you have not yet created a popup, you can follow these steps to create a new popup.

How to Create a Popup with Master Popups

  1. Choose “Subscription Form” in the Form Type.
  2. Select the Audience List created previously.


7. Save all changes.

In this page we explain the Events (Triggers) available to open your Popup and how to add it to the pages of your website.

How to Use Master Popups

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