Lists in Master Popups allows you to save subscribers in an organized way.

A list in Master Popups has to be associated with a list in your Email Marketing software such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, Aweber, Mautic, etc (All Integrations). When a user subscribes through a Popup, their data will be saved in that list.

You can create many lists, there is no limit.

Follow these steps to create a list:

1. Click on New List


2. Enter the data of your List

  1. List name.
  2. Subscribers storage: The Email Marketing software of your choice.
  3. List ID:  Click on the “Get Lists” button and enter the ID of your List.
  4. Publish your List.


3. That is all!

Now you must create a Popup to start subscribing users to your list.

How to Create a Popup with Master Popups

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