Master Popups has a new functionality to block and hide the content of your pages using a password or with a subscription form to show premium content only to your subscribers.

Example of a Popup that is blocking content.

This is an example of locked content that has been unlocked by password.

Password protection
Enter Password To Unlock This Content
The Password is: 123
Unlock content


1. Create a new Popup.

You can create a popup from scratch using the following guide. But for now we will use a template. Skip to Step 2.

How to Create a Popup with Master Popups

2. Import Popup Template “Content Locker”

3. Configure the “Password” field

In the Password field, make sure to activate the “Is Required” option and add a validation message. Also in “Input Type” option you must select “password”

4. Activating the “Content Locker” functionality

Then you must activate the “Content locker” option to use the popup as a content blocker.

Content locker type:

Lock with shortcode: You must use the shortcode in the image above to block the content of any page or post.

Lock page content: Choose this option to block and hide the content of all the pages where the popup will be displayed. Therefore you must determine where you want the popup to be displayed. See the image below.

Lock whole page: Choose this option to block the entire page. Here you also need to determine where the popup will be displayed. See the image below.

Unlock content:

Unlock using password: Choose this option to unlock content using a password.

Unlock using Subscription/Contact Form: Choose this option to unblock content using a subscription or contact form. Widely used for premium content for subscribers only.

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