Synchronize your “Contact Form 7” forms with your favorite Email Marketing Software such as Mailchimp, Mailster, Sendinblue, Active Campaign, GetResponse, etc.

Each time a form is submitted, the email, name and other fields will be automatically added to your lists.

Follow these steps to set up:

1. Go to General Settings page.

Then click on “Synchronizations”

2. Enable the synchronization of “Contact Form 7”.

3. Select your List.

Follow this guide to create your lists and configure your Email Marketing software like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, etc.

How to Create a List

4. Finally select the contact forms you want to synchronize.

TIP: Display the checkbox if you wish. If you don’t activate it, the synchronization will be automatic.


That’s it, now you will see a checkbox at the end of the contact form and each time someone submits the form their data will be saved in your lists.


Contact Form 7 Sync – Live Example



Download Contact Form 7 Sync v1.0.0




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